T's AntiViral TEA

Anti-Viral is an agent that kills viruses and suppresses its ability to replicate and, hence, inhibits its capability to multiply and reproduce in your body. The Herbs in this TEA contain natural anti-viral agents that you can consume by infusing the Herbs in hot water... This tea helps reduce Blood Sugar and Cholesterol levels.. It's also packed with Antioxidants and anti- inflammatory properties.. We encourage you to google all the Herbs in T's Antiviral TEA, the benefits will change your overall well being... Health First!


SAGE - Antiviral

ROSEMARY - Antiviral

OREGANO - Antiviral

LEMON BALM - Antiviral


Pack all the herbs in a Tea Ball, then Steep for a least 15 minutes or until the tea is at drinking temperature.. Lastly, pour the Tea into a Tea cup and enjoy!

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