T's Bull Tea

T's Bull Tea is awesome! Bull Tea helps rid inflammation from the body and helps with digestion.. It also helps lower your blood pressure, reduce blood sugar levels, and it helps maintain a healthy liver. Bull Tea is loaded with antioxidants and it helps with headaches, improves your sleep, improves your energy and fights bacterial infections. Lastly, Bull Tea helps relieve stress and anxiety. Simply put, T's Bull Tea helps improve your over all well-being.. Health First...


Hibiscus flower petals

Rosemary leaves

Peppermint leaves

Lemon Balm leaves


HOT water

Break up all the ingredients and place them in a

Tea ball or Tea bag...

Let the Tea ball sit in HOT water for 15 to 20 minutes and occasionally steep so the healing properties in the Herbs can infuse in the water..

Lastly, let the hot Tea sit and cool down to desired tempture, then serve and enjoy!! Health First....

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