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It's time for a healthy redirection!

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Learning how to live healthy on purpose can present some difficult challenges. That's why Terry Thomas created Health First Nation, an online environment that provides you with the essential tools and inspiration to Live Healthy On Purpose.  Subscribe  TODAY for a redirection to a healthier YOU!

The Health First Show

Alkaline Vs Acidic Water

I created the Health First Show to encourage all people to live healthy on purpose.  The health First Show will be comprised of episodes with health classes and special guests sharing their health journey. I invite you to watch me as I expose Commerical drinking water in my 1st. Health First Show.


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Love Yourself.  Eat Plant Based meals.  Meditate.  Exercise Daily. 

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Terry Jr. invites you to view his Gemstone collection. He designs all of his pieces with love aimed to edify the quality of your life.  Health First!