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About Health First Nation

Anchored by a photographer, Terry Thomas Jr., Health First Nation (HFN) is an interactive online community focused on living a healthy lifestyle.  During the process of losing100 pounds, Terry Thomas Jr. realized that the key to losing weight is not going on a diet.  It's a lifestyle change.  Terry is excited to be in position to share the knowledge he has acquired over the past 7 years;  to inspire those that are having difficulties putting Health First.  By putting his Health First, Terry has naturally healed sickness in his body, reduced his stress (negative energy), and is now experiencing a peaceful feeling in his soul/spirit and so much more. 

Health First Nation provides a blueprint to living a healthy

lifestyle that feeds your cellular body from the inside out. 

You are encouraged to explore the site and join our HFN community 

as we choose daily to Live Healthy On Purpose.   Health First!      

T's Seasoning

T's Seasoning is packed with

10 HERBS in 1.  This awesome blend of Herbs makes your food taste better!  Health First!

Herbal Bar

Visit  and  suppport my Herbal Bar.  I have Herbal blends that Heal, uplift, and revive your body. 


Conscious Wear

Now you can can wear T shirts with inspiration.  All designs  are created me.

T Thomas Collection

Check our my Gemstone Jewelry collection.  I designs and make all my pieces in my collection.

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