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Jewelry Care

We strongly advise that you take the below measures to ensure that your colored gemstone jewelry remains intact and beautiful for years to come. 

*Wipe your precious gemstone jewelry with a clean, soft, damp cloth after wearing. This will enhance the luster and assure that your jewelry is clean before being stored. 

*Do not expose your gemstone jewelry to salt water or harsh chemicals, such as chlorine or detergents as these chemicals may slowly erode the finish and polish of gems.

* Do not expose your Jewelry to water or sweat.  Do not workout or go into a steam room or sauna with Jewelry on.  This will cause the metal wire in your piece to loosen.

*Treat your jewelry delicately.  A blow could damage the beauty of any gemstone. So it is best to store them while engaging in any activity where they might be subjected to high impact.  Additionally, be sure to fasten or unfasten our jewelry at the clasp.  Do not yank or pull your jewelry. 

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