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About the Health First Show

Terry Thomas Jr. created the Health First Show to encourage all people to live healthy on purpose.  The health First Show will be comprised of episodes with health classes and special guests sharing their health journey. Due to the attack of the Coronavirus, Terry decided to interview people across the world to get their perspective while being Quarantine.   Terry recognized early in his heath journey that health talk can be very confusing and boring.  He also notices that the only time most people talk or do anything for their health is when they get sick or have been diagnosed with a Virus or disease. His goal is to use this platform to inspire you with love and organic positive energy to live healthy on purpose. As we all now know our immune system is key to survival.    The Health First Show will be shining light on natural healing, life-changing interviews, plant-based food, and recipes, exposing poison in food, teaching, encouraging, and empowering.   Let's Go, Health First!      


 Enjoy the upcoming episodes on "Living while Quarantine!" 

Terry Thomas Jr. decided to interview people across the United States to get their perspective of Life While Quarantined. 

Health First Show 

Self-Sufficiency is an ingredient for change.

-Terry Thomas Jr.-

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