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Health First Nation Community Laws

The HFN Community Laws must be follow to insure a Loving and safe atmosphere. If you get caught violating the HFN Laws you will receive one warning and if caught again you will be blocked from the HFN community.  Report all violators to   

Health First Nation is design to inspire each other to live healthy on purpose...  No self marketing, advertising, or promotion of products of any kind is allowed... You will be removed from the group and your posted will be deleted... All post and conversations must be geared towards inspiring others to live Health on purpose..  All comments must be done from a loving heart of encouragement, If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all; You will be removed from the community for being negative, rude, or disrespecting.. If you experience Negative behavior or someone trying to sale you Report them to HFN at {}. 

(Breaking the HFN Community Laws will get you Exiled)


- Posts/comments that aren't directly related to Health


- Aggressive, offensive and judgmental posts or comments


- Personal attacks; verbal abuse, name calling, deliberately antagonizing other members etc. If you cannot express your view without resorting to this behavior this is not the community for you.


- Graphic images/videos of animals being mistreated or abused, and/or animals in distress including images of flesh (for instance when prepared as food)


- Any images which contain identifiable information; all photos of people must be posted with consent, and identifiable features censored.


- Non-Health posts/comments that try to justify or rationalize the use of animals or animal products


- Anything discriminatory (religion, sexuality, race, ability etc)


- Questioning someone's personal Health identity( Ex: If they are Vegan, Vegetarian, etc...


- NO MLM advertising and No Business advertisin


-Negative Comments and videos

- Comments suggesting animal products as a substitute for plant-based products or recommending animal products

- Misleading information

-Rude/inappropriate comments or questions


-Pictures of animal cruelty


-Unsolicited messages to other members (unwanted private messages)


-Posts promoting ANY animal produce or process foods.  We are here to encourage & learn about living healthy on purpose by consuming plant based foods, practicing self Love, and exercising. 


Terry Thomas Jr. and the HFN Family are not doctors.  They are not in a position to give medical advice.  Any information we give out at Health First Nation is purely based on personal

research/experience.   Health First Nation is intended for those who want to live healthy while walking in LOVE(Positive energy)... 

HFN LAWS are meant to protect the Community from Negative energy produced by negative people.  Helps us keep a loving environment by reporting violators to


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