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Milky Way

Milky Way


The Milky Way is a replica of our solar system.  The Milky Way is wearing 8mm Coral(unknown planet X), 8mm Bronzite(pluto), 8mm blue Tigers Eye(Neptune), 8mm Fire Agate(Uranus), 8mm Gold Tigers Eye(Saturn),  8mm orange Hematite(Jupiter), 8mm Red Jasper(Mars), 8mm Lapiz(Earth), 8mm Yellow Jade(Venus),  and 8mm Grey Agate(Mercury)..  The Milky Way is also wearing, 8mm & 10mm black Onyx, 8mm Quartz and 8mm Hematite.  This piece helps you attract wealth, blocks negative energy(Haters), promotes healthy circulation, helps with your creativity, balances your emotions so much more.. On top of all the great benefits this piece is a true fashion statement. Health First!

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