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Obsidian Wood (12 Servings)

Obsidian Wood (12 Servings)


Obsidian Wood is a powerful herbal blend. It contains Wormwood(Bitter), Peppermint, Chamomile, Rooibos, and Stevia. Let's start off with Wormwood. It's the leader in Obsidian Wood.  Wormwood is very bitter but while mixed in this blend makes Wormwood a good tasting bitter. Despite its bitter taste Obisidian Wood contains antiviral and antimalarial properties giving this blend the ability to fight the flu, colds, and Viruses.  Obsidian Wood gets rid of parasites like pinworm, roundworm, and tapeworms.  In addition to that,  Obsidian Wood improves your digestion system by improving your digestive track and strengthening your intestinal muscles. Obsidian Wood also has the ability to fight against gastrointestinal symptoms like bloating, heartburn, stomach pain, constipation, and diarrhea..   This herbal blend fights Arthritis and provides immune support.   Lastly,  this herbal blend is packed with vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc. It supports heart health, controls and prevents diabetes, and kills free radicals. Due to its high anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties in Obisidan wood, this blend can help with wheezing, coughing, asthma, and strengthen your bones. Herbs Heal...  Health First!


WARNING: Do not drink this herbal blend while pregnant..

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