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T's Red Smashed Potatoes

T's Red Smashed Potatoes are off the chain and here is why. They are made without butter, and cows milk. The Culture that Terry Thomas grew up in made Smashed potatoes with acidic ingredients. After discovering a plant based lifestyle, Terry learn how to make the smashed potatoes delicious and nutritious.. Health First..


7 medium to large red potatoes

Almond milk

Coconut oil


Garlic salt

T's Seasoning

Himalayan Salt

Cut up potatoes (with the skin) and boil (with Himalayan Salt and T's Seasoning) until the potatoes are soft. Next, drain and pour in large bowl. With a potato masher, mash the potatoes. Pour and stir in Almond milk slowly until you see the mixtures is getting creamy. Salt and season (garlic salt and T's Seasoning) to taste. Enjoy. Health First!

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