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T's Cabbage

T's Cabbage is nutritious and fits as a perfect side dish. Cabbage is packed with vitamin C and K. It helps lower blood sugar and cholesterol. Its good for your heart and helps with digestion. Try T's Cabbage today, it is awesome. FYI its quick and easy to make. Health First!


1 head of cabbage

garlic powder

Himalayan Salt

T's Seasoning

Instructions. Cut up the cabbage into medium pieces, then place the cut up pieces in a large pot. Next, add some water. Do not cover the the cut up cabbage with the water. Lastly, while on the stove, add some T's Seasoning, garlic powder, and Himalayan Salt.. Season to taste. Let the cabbage cook until desired texture. When the cabbage hits your desired texture let it sit and cool down, then enjoy. Health First!

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