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T's Veggie Casserole

T's Veggie Casserole is a transition meal. The mozzarella Cheese is optional for vegans and vegetarians. For those transitioning into living healthy on purpose a substitute for mozzarella cheese is Almond cheese.. We all are walking different lanes trying to get to the same place, Living healthy on purpose. This meal is perfect, for all lanes... Health First!


Cellentani Noodles

1 can of unsalted tomato sauce

1 Onion

1 diced green, yellow, and red Pepper

1/2 diced squash

2 cups of chopped Kale

2-3 Cups of Mozzarella Cheese

1/3 cup of Brazilian Nuts

5 pieces of Spelt Bread toasted then crunched

1 cup of Spinach

1/8 cup of Chia seeds

Grape seed oil

Himalayan Salt

T's Seasoning -LEARN MORE-

Garlic powder


Pre-Heat oven at 400 degrees

Prep: Boil Cellentani Noodles in Himalayan salt and T's Seasoning until soft, then drain. Dice the peppers, onions, and squash. Toast the Spelt bread until brown. Then place the toasted Spelt bread, Brazilian Nuts, and 1/4 tsp of Himalayan salt in a food processor and blend.

In a hot frying pan with Grape seed oil, saute the peppers, onions, and squash, with T's Seasoning and Himalayan salt. Season to taste!

Now while the Noodles are steaming hot, add in the kale and Chia seeds and stir. Then pour in the hot Sauted peppers, onions and squash and mix well.

Lastly, in a large baking pan it's time to layer T's Veggie Casserole.

Layer 1: Pour in the noodles and veggies mix

Layer 2: Add a Flat layer of spinach leaves on top of the Noodle and veggie mix

Layer 3: Cover with Mozzarella Cheese

Layer 4: Cover the top of the casserole with the crunched Spelt bread and Brazilian Nuts. Then sprinkle some Himalayan salt, Garlic powder, and T's Seasoning on top.

Place T's Veggie Casserole in the oven for 15 min or until the top turns brown. Let it cool down and enjoy! It's Nutritious and Delicious.... Health First!

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